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COVID Vaccine Resources for Mosques and Organizations

Moving from the creation of COVID-19 vaccines to broad scale vaccination is an enormous project in the U.S. and around the world.

Religious institutions, leaders, and communities are a tremendous asset and partner in breaking down barriers to vaccination.

Research shows that faith-based interventions are powerful to influence thinking about the vaccines, especially for those with concerns about the vaccine. It is our responsibility to clarify misconceptions and encourage the saving of life as a faith-based, moral, and social justice mandate.

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Vaccine hesitancy has been a persistent issue in the vaccine roll-out process. Houses of worship can play a key role in informing the message development and strategy process, as well as delivering those messages to their congregations and extended communities.

Vaccine access is a challenge to an equitable vaccine roll-out in the United States. Communities of color, rural towns, senior citizens, and poor neighborhoods have borne the brunt of this issue. Houses of worship can position themselves to be at the forefront of vaccine equity by tackling barriers to access.

Faith-based groups are establishing vaccine sites at houses of worship across the country, particularly in communities disproportionately hard-hit by COVID-19. This playbook is intended to support faith groups in their effort to establish these critical immunization sites.

Khutbas are a prime opportunity to shed light on the Islamic perspective of using vaccines to combat pandemics. Use our guide in your next khutba to spend 5 minutes on the importance of getting vaccinated.


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