The AMHP Mental Health First Aid training is a great tool to learn actionable steps that could potentially save someone’s life. I am grateful to have learned more about mental health and now feel better equipt if I were to find myself in a crisis situation.
Binta K Diallo
Arts & Culture Manager, Inner-City Muslim Action Network
Mental Health First Aid Training with AMHP allowed me to learn how to act quickly, if I choose to, in emergency situations regarding the mental health of others. My favorite part about the course is the proactive planning for self-care of the first aider.
Bilal Qureshi
I just completed the certification course in Mental Health First Aid. It was an incredibly valuable experience to learn how to assess, approach, assist, listen, and educate someone who might be experiencing a mental health challenge. If we are all prepared in this way, and willing to have conversations about mental health, everyone benefits. The course is led by knowledgeable and compassionate instructors who will ensure that you leave the course well-armed with knowledge. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is passionate about destigmatizing mental health.
Zahra Suratwala
I was inspired to take this course because of a personal experience of knowing someone who recently passed away by suicide. The course is tremendously helpful in learning about Mental Health First Aid and more importantly to recognize when a person is in crisis and how to implement the training from the course to help. I personally have also benefited in understanding how I can take better care of my mental health. The course is taught by educated, trained professionals who share their knowledge and compassion of mental health.
Lubaina Raj
MHFA was able to give me a practical and thorough training that I will be able to use in any circumstance that calls for mental health help. With this certification, I feel much more confident talking about a topic that is stigmatized and uncomfortable for many. I encourage everyone to complete this training, as you may need it much more than you think!
Suha Quraishi
Mental Health First Aid is so important and something everyone should be certified in. I have family members who are currently experiencing mental Illness, I want to be able to help them the proper way. This class has taught me various ways to assist them by using a positive approach. There are so many people within our community struggling, I want to be able to help reduce the mental health stigma.
Sanaa Mohiuddin
Sabeen and Yasmin were rays of sunshine on a Saturday afternoon. They taught this delicate subject matter with so much expertise and passion that the six hours we spent in the training seemed too short. I have come out of this experience, having learned about topics that are very relevant to our time and space, I have understood what my role is as a Youth Mental Health First Aider.
Zeenat Ganatra
Islamic Foundation School, Islamic Studies Instructor
I have enjoyed the class very much. I'm confident that I would be able to help more youth with mental health challenges while using the ALGEE or the 5-step action plan. I have more understanding of when or how to help the youth in both crisis and non-crisis situations. It is vital for the emotional wellbeing of our children. Thank you for the opportunity.
Najma Jama
Teacher, Michigan Islamic Academy
Thank you for the opportunity to become certified in Mental Health First Aid! It was an amazing session, and I enjoyed talking with you. You kept all of us very engaged, and made it worthwhile waking up at such an early time on a Saturday. I would not change anything about the session, and I felt that it was great and especially liked that it was a small group of people. It was easier to engage in conversation that way. Thank you once again
Sidra Mansoor
Project Taqwa, Chicago, IL, November, 2020
To begin I'd like to thank you for this opportunity and for taking the time to present and teach this course to us. I truly feel it was beneficial and I feel much more educated in terms of how to appropriately intervene and address these complex situations. I resonated with a lot of the scenarios because often it is hard to understand how to address these situations and what the proper dialogue is. I really enjoyed the videos as it helped me to identify certain tendencies and behaviors that I may not have assumed were problematic beforehand. Additionally, I learned when and what resources to refer someone to. One point that really stood out to me, as mentioned in the pre-work I believe, but it highlighted having open dialogue, in terms of not allowing someone's disorder or issue to overpower them as a person. I often hear people say "Oh he/she is bipolar, depressed, or a schizophrenic", however, I didn't realize how harmful that dialogue can be, because these are just people dealing with these issues. This is just one of my takeaways, as there were plenty of good examples of how to have a positive and reassuring dialogue.The overall takeaway is that I truly did learn a lot about how to actively and correctly intervene and when to get a professional involved. In terms of overall feedback regarding the course itself, I thought the pace of the course was good, it was not too fast or slow, as, I believe we spent enough time on each topic to get a good understanding. I also enjoyed that it was collaborative and felt like a safe space to express our opinion, rather than just listening to someone talk. The slides were presented neatly, whereas there wasn't an excess of information, thus it was appealing and easier to comprehend. I will definitely use the ALGEE methodology moving forward, alongside knowing how to have positive and assuring dialogue when approaching someone or these types of conversations. Overall, I feel very well-informed and truly felt this course was beneficial, and iA I hope to be able to use this skillset when the time comes. JazakAllah
Aanya Zahid
Project Taqwa
I am pleased to write about my experience. It was really an interactive class with our trainer who helped us along the way Sr. Abeda Khanam . I have always had immense interest in mental health and this training really help build my interest to support mentally challenged people more. I am really thankful for American Muslim Health Professionals for providing us with the opportunity and SR. Asma Hyderi for requesting this training and giving us a chance to participate
Tasneem Abbas
The course content was appropriate and Abeda Khanum is an excellent teacher. Her teaching style kept everyone engaged till the last minute and we learned a lot. the breakroom discussions were really helpful as well. Would recommend this course to everyone.
Seema Naheed
Honestly, this professional development was the best one I have attended in 20+ years as a teacher. I feel fortunate. Such an important topic that must be put front and center in our school and society. We will start educating our youth so they can expand greater awareness, understanding, and respect toward acknowledging that mental health is equally important as physical health. I will make sure to put into practice the ALGEE steps much more now with the hope to help a student (or adult) make their way to a better day and healing within themselves.
Lorri Adriano-Amin
Anatomy & Physiology
As a community leader I felt it was so important to bring this mental health training to the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati and our community. I really did not think I needed to take it. Having taken it, I can say the content was clearly worth the time even on a busy Sunday and Dr. Omar Shareef and Yasmin Irfani were outstanding professionals! Highly recommend it to your community volunteers, staff and leaders
Shakila T Ahmad
Emeritus Board Chair, Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati
Thank you very much Yasmin and Omer, and all the organizers for a very useful, instructive afternoon, interspersed with humor and. a lot of caring. Enjoyed making new acquaintances in the breakout rooms. may Allah be pleased with you and all of us and our families.

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