AMHP Research Forum:
Poster Session Rules of Submission

I. Application  

  1. Include accurate phone number and e-mail address for notification purposes.  


II. Abstract  

  1. Must be 2,500 characters or less without spaces. Does not include title or author block  

  1. One abstract presenter per poster. No partners or group presenters will be accepted. Include: Title, Author(s), Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.  

  1. Abstracts will be reviewed for completeness without error. Selected entries will be notified on a rolling basis. 


III. Submission Categories 

Mental health: As Muslim Americans face unprecedented levels of mental health challenges, the impact on mental health demands comprehensive exploration. This category is designed for sharing cutting-edge advancements, evidence-based practices, and innovative interventions that promote mental well-being. The presentations within this category will be instrumental in creating a dialogue that spans across various disciplines, fostering collaboration and solidarity among professionals dedicated to improving mental health. 

Health policy and advocacy: This category is dedicated to showcasing innovative and influential projects, initiatives, and research endeavors aimed at shaping health policy, championing healthcare rights, and advocating for positive change in the medical landscape. This category will highlight the crucial role that policy and advocacy play in enhancing healthcare systems and patient outcomes. 


Health equity: This category is dedicated to providing a spotlight on the paramount importance of creating a fair and just healthcare system for all. Presenters will showcase a deep understanding of the disparities in healthcare access and outcomes among diverse populations and endeavors to promote solutions that bridge the gap, ensuring equitable health opportunities for everyone. 

Islamic bioethics: This category provides an exploration of the ethical principles and guidelines governing medical practices in the context of Islamic teachings. As we delve into the intersection of Islam and healthcare, these presentations will showcase how Islamic bioethics shapes medical decision-making, research, and patient care, promoting an understanding of the ethical dimensions of modern medicine within an Islamic framework. 

Religious inclusivity/accommodation in the workplace: This category is dedicated to exploring the essential principles of accommodating diverse religious beliefs and practices within the workplace environment. The poster presentations will showcase strategies, policies, and initiatives that foster a harmonious and inclusive work environment, where individuals of all backgrounds feel respected, valued, and empowered to thrive in their careers.

Abstract Submissions are closed. Thank you to all those who submitted theirs. Notifications for selected abstracts will be sent on a rolling basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

AMHP Research Forum 2024  


Q: What is the AMHP Research Forum?  

A: The AMHP Research Forum is an opportunity for medical professionals to display their contributions to the medical community. 


Q: Who can participate in the Research Forum?  

A: All medical students, residents, and faculty with contributions related to the prompts. 


Q: Are Case Reports eligible for submission?  

A: Yes, Case Reports may be submitted for consideration, provided that case reports are related to the categories: Mental Health, Health Policy & Advocacy, Health Equity, Islamic Bioethics, and Religious Inclusivity/Accommodation in the Workplace.


Q: Can I submit an abstract at a later date after filling out the RSVP form?  

A: Yes, you can edit your RSVP form so long as it is before the abstract submission deadline. 


Q: Can I submit more than one abstract?  

A: At this time, we are only allowing one poster per presenter.  


Q: How will I find out if I have been accepted to participate in the AMHP Research Forum?  

A: You will receive notification about your selection status on a rolling basis. 


Q: I submitted an application for AMHP but am not sure if I will attend the conference. What should I do?  

A: Only participants who are registered for AMHP conference will be eligible to present research. We will verify AMHP registration before sending out final details. Those who are not registered cannot participate. If you are unable to attend, please notify the AMHP organizers ASAP since poster space is limited. 


Q: What time is the Research Forum? When will I receive information about Forum details?  

A: The poster presentations will take place on February 3, 2024. Details will be included in the abstract acceptance email and subsequent correspondence.  


Q: How will the Research Forum be organized?  

A: Posters from each category will be grouped together into one section, where judging will occur within each category. Categories include: Mental Health, Health Policy & Advocacy, Health Equity, Islamic Bioethics, and Religious Inclusivity/Accommodation. We accept abstracts on review papers/literature research, epidemiological and benchwork research, and various methodologies.  


Q: For what type of awards are AMHP Research Forum participants eligible?  

A: Participants of non-case report submissions are eligible for awards. 


Q: When will awards be announced?  

A: Top posters for the AMHP research forum will be announced during the conference on February 3, 2024. 


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