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What you May Not Know about Diet Soda

By Samar Shehaiber on Feb 13, 2013| 2 comments

As you relax in front of the TV with your sandwich, chips and large diet soda you may think to yourself, “This meal isn’t as bad since I switched over to diet”.  But is this really true? Recent studies suggest that diet soda may not be the healthier alternative after all.  Most popular diet drinks also increase your risk of diabetes, stroke, myocardial infarction (heart attack) and vascular death to an alarming extent.  To begin with, there is nothing “diet” about diet soda.  The impact they may have on your health includes the following: They increase your appetite, leading to weight gain and a host of risk factors for cardiovascular events. They can increase your risk for osteoporosis; diet soda contains phosphoric acid, which prevents the...

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Food’s Complicated: Learning the UNcomplicated Prophetic Diet

By Fatima Ashraf on Aug 2, 2012| 4 comments

Our system of food production is becoming more and more complicated and we are becoming less and less confident in the quality of what’s going inside our bodies. Understanding food today is much more than reading nutrition facts labels. Last month, thousands of people on facebook posted a guide to decoding produce stickers.  Four numbers means chemically treated, five numbers starting with an ‘8’ means genetically modified, and five numbers starting with a ‘9’ means organic. Learning and adhering to our Prophet’s diet is one way to maintain confidence in what we’re eating and to shift to a more uncomplicated foodstyle.  There are three practices of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) that I find especially helpful (and relatively easy!). 1)  Eat...

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