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Advocacy Diary

Important Message From President Obama

By AMHP Board on Mar 30, 2014| 0 comments

Dear AMHP members, We are very excited to share this important message from President Barack Obama. — Hey – I wanted to provide an important update on our efforts to get Americans health care coverage. The deadline to enroll is Monday. If you know someone who still hasn’t signed up for health care, tell them to go to HealthCare.gov and sign up right now. We need to look out for our fellow Americans – so that our families and friends have access to the health care they need. You’ve done such great work already, but we can’t stop yet. After open enrollment ends on March 31, you won’t be able to get covered through the Marketplace until 2015. Now is the time for people to get covered. I know life is busy — and after all the...

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Connecting Muslims to Coverage

By Khadija Gurnah on Jan 15, 2014| 2 comments

In the United States, where the median income is $50,054, having no insurance or having insurance that does not cover essential health care visits means that any illness can create financial hardship. In 2007, 62.1% of bankruptcies were due to the burden of medical bills. Health insurance coverage is very important in the Muslim community as many Muslims don’t have employer provided health insurance, in fact: 20% are self-employed, 29% are under-employed and 17% are unemployed. In order to address this problem, American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP) is working with state and federal partners across the country to make sure Muslims are aware of and connected to health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act. As part of this effort, AMHP is...

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The Balancing Act of a Working Woman in Medicine

By Zaiba Malik on Jan 9, 2014| 4 comments

Curiously, at some point in their lives, all working women are asked the question, “How do you balance work and family?”  However, what defines balance? Is it being in perfect harmony at all moments in time? Balancing work and family life is an age-old working woman’s dilemma.  In reality though, there is never a complete balance.  Instead, it is simply a dance of shifting priorities of different aspects of your life at any given moment.  There is no horizontal balance, but rather a constant adjustment of which life aspect is higher and which plummets to the ground. Life in medicine is already a unique situation. As medical students, we put in long hours memorizing endless facts, dissecting our cadavers to perfection, and rounding at 4am. At times,...

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She Lost Her Parents and Her Eyesight

By Munzoor Sheikh on Jan 7, 2014| 0 comments

Brothers, Sisters, Assalamualaykum. Do you remember the story of Ayesha, who is a 4 year old from Afghanistan? She lost her parents and her eyesight and was transferred to the DC area for treatment. Imagine being 4 years old, waking up at a hospital only to discover you don’t speak the language, you can’t see anything and you are being told that your parents have passed. Imagine how lonely and scared you’d feel? We need to raise $20,000 for Aisha’s medical bills. Solace for Children is an organization that has been helping her and a great place to donate. To create some momentum, here’s what we ask of you: 1. Donate generously. If we can simply find 20 people to donate $1000 each, we will reach our goal. Donate...

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Know your Farmer, Know your Food.

By Fatima Ashraf on Oct 2, 2013| 0 comments

It seems that every week there is a new article about the dishonesty and misinformation from inside the food industry.   Even Trader Joe’s, the California-based grocer that quickly made an identity for itself as a sustainable, healthy, non-GMO food source, is not transparent about the origin and quality of its food.  Our confidence as consumers of the food industry is dwindling and the reason is because we continue to rely on big box stores and not our local farmers. Picture this: it’s a crisp fall Saturday morning and with a fair-trade cup of coffee in hand, you’re walking through the neighborhood admiring the changing leaves.  You come across a delivery truck from Westfield Farm and a crowd of people carrying canvas bags is gathering.  Out of the...

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International Medical Missions; One “Eye-opening” Experience

By Zaiba Malik on Sep 9, 2013| 1 comment

It was not the most exotic location I could think of to serve. When my husband questioned the local safety and political atmosphere in the country, I smiled and said, “it’s no big deal; it’s luscious Ecuador. “ I conveniently forgot to mention to him that San Lorenzo was often referred to as the crime capital of Ecuador.  A Christian mission group was holding a cataract camp in San Lorenzo, Ecuador and was looking for one more ophthalmologist to complete their team. I jumped at the opportunity, as I was looking for just this type of camp, utilizing the Manual Small Incision technique popularized in India; which is cost effective, efficient, and safe. On day one, we awoke to a hot and humid 85 degree-weather day. I untangled myself out of the makeshift...

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