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Advocacy Diary

Eating the Prophetic Way 

By Sana Mohamed on Apr 7, 2015| 0 comments

It’s the third day of your diet, and you’re craving sweets. Chocolate, ice cream, anything  sugary, carb-­loaded and definitely not a plus for your waistline. It doesn’t help that this new diet, one of several that you have tried over the years, reduces your food intake  significantly. Left hungry and on the brink of starvation, you wonder whether there is another way to eat healthy without feeling deprived. Is there a way to eat without tipping the scales? Interestingly, there is such a method that exists, and it can be linked to Islamic etiquette. Research has shown that by devising a maximum daily calorie intake, one can divide the  amount of their meals over the day, and can achieve either weight loss goals or maintain their weight. For instance,...

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Social Justice and Our Social Health

By Kamilah A. Pickett, JD, MPH on Mar 11, 2015| 0 comments

Death is inevitable. It seems a macabre statement to make, but the truth of it cannot be denied. We public health and medical professionals spend our careers studying all manners of physical and mental maladies in an attempt to thwart them. Treat them. Cure or eradicate them. But death is inevitable. And so we attempt to live the healthiest lives possible. We give up saturated fats and processed sugar. We eschew red meat and load up on organic leafy greens. We hit the treadmill on our lunch breaks. We lift. We spin. We Zumba. Well, at least some of us do. But death is inevitable. Life is to be lived, and so we make friends. We marry. We raise children. We build communities of friends and family. We do those things that society expects of us as we move through...

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Despite its flaws, the Affordable Care Act is a step forward

By Meena Hasan on Mar 4, 2015| 0 comments

(Article reposted from KEVIN MD.com with the permission of Author, Meena Hasan) Most mornings, I opt to take the red line commuter train from my apartment in Bethesda, Maryland to my hospital in Washington, DC. Despite the costly two-way fare, it’s a worthwhile journey because it’s a chance to observe the various other commuters making their way to all sorts of destinations. It’s a people watcher’s dream! Some look dressed to impress on Capitol Hill or in corporate offices. Others look as though they are going home after a long overnight shift. There are those happy to have found a warm train car in which to rest, CEOs studying their daily planners, and a mixture of everyone in between.  No other place in DC will one find the diversity of people in a...

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Why Health Insurance Matters

By Tasmiha Khan, Aamir Hussain on Feb 4, 2015| 0 comments

  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has provided American Muslims with a unique opportunity to put our faith into practice: signing up for health insurance helps us better look after our own health, as well as the health of others in our community. It is narrated in a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) that “Your body has a right over you” (Sahih Muslim).  In other words, Allah has blessed and entrusted us with a physical body, and we have an obligation to take proper care of it. Indeed, dietary restrictions and the instructions to perform ablutions before any prayers indicate the importance of maintaining one’s physical health. By having the proper tools, such as health coverage, one can better afford routine appointments with primary...

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International Medical Missions; One “Eye-opening” Experience

By Zaiba Malik on Sep 9, 2013| 1 comment

It was not the most exotic location I could think of to serve. When my husband questioned the local safety and political atmosphere in the country, I smiled and said, “it’s no big deal; it’s luscious Ecuador. “ I conveniently forgot to mention to him that San Lorenzo was often referred to as the crime capital of Ecuador.  A Christian mission group was holding a cataract camp in San Lorenzo, Ecuador and was looking for one more ophthalmologist to complete their team. I jumped at the opportunity, as I was looking for just this type of camp, utilizing the Manual Small Incision technique popularized in India; which is cost effective, efficient, and safe. On day one, we awoke to a hot and humid 85 degree-weather day. I untangled myself out of the makeshift...

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A Voters Guide to the Health Care Policy of the Obama Administration

By Khadija Gurnah on Nov 5, 2012| 0 comments

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the signature healthcare policy from the Obama      administration, yet it seems that much of the voting public is still unsure of what the plan actually entails. A large part of the problem is that the ACA addresses issues as diverse as funding for health information technology to controlling prescription costs. Fundamentally, the way that the ACA will impact voters most are in the provisions designed to contain healthcare costs for national and household budgets. Healthcare spending in the U.S. stands at 17.9% of GDP.  The rate of spending has increased over the decades, driven by rising prescription drug costs, a rise of chronic diseases and administrative costs that are higher than most western nations due to the...

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