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Activities and Events

AMHP is engaged in a number of areas of high importance to the American Muslim community and the country at-large. Most of our programming relates to three key topic areas, which are listed below. As an empowerment organization, our activities generate content material, career development opportunities, and advocacy products.



AMHP has been at the forefront of articulating the American Muslim health professional community’s responses to policy developments, educating members and their communities on health policy and advocating on behalf of health professionals and community clinics throughout the nation. Our advisors in this area include consultants, lawyers, physicians, and policy analysts with considerable expertise in primary care, minority health, health law and finance, and community clinic management. Accomplishments in the past year include:

  • Sent four delegations to visit Washington, DC to meet with key administrators and officials within the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the White House and Congress.
  • Organized seminars in Washington, New York City, Anaheim, Houston, and Chicago to discuss health care reform as part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations Cover the Uninsured Initiative.
  • Organized a Congressional briefing in Washington, DC on the importance of free clinics in collaboration with the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association and the National Association of Free Clinics.
  • Educated members on advocacy tools and strategies specific to health policy as part of the August Initiative.
  • Mobilized members for efforts to promote meaningful health care reform, including provider-led rallies and petitions.
  • Developed educational materials and held presentations to explain the health care reform law in Maryland, Illinois, and California.

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Charity Care


AMHP’s mission to empower Muslim health professionals to improve health extends to the quality and delivery of health services and access to care. We’re dedicated to developing resources and networking opportunities for Muslim Free Health Clinics and educating our members and the public on available health care programs and rules, particularly those related to the Affordable Care Act. Our preliminary objectives include:

  • Collecting research data on the Muslim Free Clinics already in existence.
  • Creating a Free Clinics Manual for groups interested in starting their own Muslim Free Clinics: providing them with resources, business strategies and opportunities for fundraising.
  • Providing support to and coordinating the activities of the umbrella group: Muslim Free Clinics Council (MFCC).

Recent press and activities:

Physical and Mental Wellness


AMHP seeks to improve the physical and mental health of communities by empowering community leaders through focused training seminars and elevating successful models. AMHP activities in this area span a range of key areas, including mental health, obesity, disability rights, and more. AMHP has been an active participant in the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign.

Recent press and activities: